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Date: Fri 03 May 1996 - 20:19:19 EEST

Peter Linton Tracy
>IMHO the Humakti gain the sense assassin skill through their
>association to death.The links for the sense assassin skill I
imagine >are formed in some brief prayer to Humakt, and can include
anyone in >the particular Humakti's company. sense assassin may not
work against
>someone with the express aim of humiliating or just roughing up
the >humakti

        I play that Sense Assassin _is_ based on Death with a
capital D. And that the "link" for the skill _cannot_ be formed by a
brief prayer to Humakt, but only works when the target is the
Humakti himself or for people that are _very_ close to him. An
emotional link of importance needs to exist between the Humakti and
the other, or Sense Assassin will not register -- Onslaught, for
instance, if he has Sense Assassin (which I don't recall), would
probably not be able to get it to work for anybody but himself.
        Sense Assassin will only work on folk who plot death for
the target, plan to carry out the death themselves, and who foresee
that death as imminent (like within a few hours). It will _not_ work
on someone who merely desires the death of another, but who does
not plan to carry out the crime himself, or who plans to commit the
murder several weeks for now, or who merely plans to harm or rob the
target -- even if such harm or robbery might lead to death.
        A bandit who plans to kill everyone in the party, then loot
the dead would register to a Humakti. A bandit who order the party
to surrender, then kill anyone who resists would NOT.

        A Grand Vizier who paid a Black Fang Cultist to murder a
princeling could stand in court right next to the princeling and not
register on Sense Assassin. But if the Black Fanger walked into the
room, the Humakti's senses would alert.

        IMO, letting Sense Assassin be less restrictive than this
makes it way too likely to upset Gloranthan ecology and a GM's
plans. If you could "link" to someone else merely by a short prayer,
any public meeting would be preceded by a bunch of Humakti's
"linking" and checking for bad guys. Boring. If Sense Assassin
detected anyone with the slightest wish of death for another, then
there would be no murders in Glorantha, or at least many fewer.
        If an ordinary bandit or band of trolls could be detected
by Sense Assassin, then it becomes the same as the much-reviled
skill of Sense Ambush, soundly berated by all right-thinking GMs

Sandy P.


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