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  Hi all--
  Hal Bowman asks a number of questions that actually have nothing to do
  with the great Onslaught flame war!
> 1. Is there anywhere a description of the "defenders" of Daliath's
  Well, or of Nelat's Bath? Or any other sea HQ's?
  Sandy provided an answer to this, but I might also add that it is my
  understanding that the quest to Daliath's Well is supposed to be the
  most difficult heroquest that anyone can go on, partly because you have
  to pass the Baths of Nelat to do so. Even Orlanth who succeeded in
  passing the Baths nearly died doing so. I would imagine that even a
  human going through a lesser version of the baths would face difficult
  challenges. The baths might scour away certain skills, traits, etc. all
  in the process of purifying the quester.
> 5. One last try: Who or what is behind the hoard of nasties coming
  upriver in Jolar?
  sp>This is a _secret_. However: Red Giants are not behind the hordes.
  If Hal is after some possibilities for his own campaign, then here are
  some possibilities. None of them may actually be the true source, but
  all could be causing some creatures to travel upriver into the plains.
  1) one of the fires of the Burning Waste has gone out after burning up
  all its earthly fuel. This has left a chaos void in its wake through
  which chaos is now streaming--the hordes are the tangible form of this
  chaos after it takes shape in the ordered plane of Glorantha. Unable to
  stand the pure flames of the south, the hordes flee north to devour
  whatever is in their path.
  2) a chaos champion entered the Burning Waste and defeated one of the
  Agoritani(?), the demigod children of Pamalt. The chaos champion (of
  broolike nature) has begotten chaotic children upon those defeated and
  has sent his children north to torment those who drove him into the
  Burning Waste.
  3) a great earthquake has opened a fissure into Hell. The fires
  dripping into this part of Hell have caused the denizens there to flee
  and they have erupted in the Nargan. Since the Nargan is still too hot
  and fiery, these beings have fled north seeking darker and cooler climes
  (obviously with a long way still to go). These may or may not be chaos
  4) a new form of Vovisibor, Filth Which Crawls, has emerged in the
  Nargan. Wherever it crawls, the earth is polluted and gives birth to a
  chaos critter. These critters follow the path of Filth Which Crawls to
  the north.
> 8. How many lunar (and sable) troops are there in Prax in 1623? When
  does Argrath get back (no, I don't have KoS)?
  The Antelope Lancers regiment probably represents somewhere around 500

  men at the maximum. The size of the regiment probably does not vary
  much as losses would be replaced by native Sable riders who choose for
  whatever reason to join the Lunar army.
  As someone mentioned, Argrath Whitebull probably returns around 1624.
  Pavis revolts in 1625 and there is an Argrath there when that occurs.
  The rise of the Brown Dragon occurs in Sacred Time between 1624 and 1625
  and Argrath of Sartar appears during that. Other Argraths (a word
  meaning "liberator") undoubtedly appear after that point.


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