(Dead) Humakti Heros.

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Date: Fri 03 May 1996 - 21:37:09 EEST

Hello all.

In response to my speculations on the rareness of Humakti Heros, David,
holder of the Dunham rune, wrote:
>Several people have proposed that Humakt (or Humath, or Humkt) was one of
>the Lightbringers in Ralian mythology. (I haven't made up my mind, but it's
>not at all unreasonable, especially because I think no Ralian Humathi
>severs his kinship ties. If it's not true in East Ralios, it's probably
>true in Lankst.)

Now that you mention it, I think I've seen several speculative Lightbringer
lists that include Humakt (or Humath or Thumper), and I guess from a
mythological point of view no, it's not unreasonable at all; and if Humakt
were a Ralian Lightbringer, then I would certainly agree that Ralian Humakti
temples would be more likely to produce heroquesters (though in the
"imitative" fashion, following in the pattern of the Lightbringer quest, and
perhaps only as one part of the Lightbringer circle? -- i.e., only at the
behest of an Orlanthi heroquester?). OTOH, as a matter of "game balance",
for lack of a better term, I would tend to get a bit nervous about making
Humakt a Lightbringer. As Humakt often seems to be the path of choice of
"powergamers" (my apologies to Humakt fans) -- along with the illuminated
Black Fang/Krarshti/Daka Fal shaman path, of course -- I tend to think of
Humakt's kinless/solitary nature (and the limits this places on heroquesting
options, IMO) as a price for combat prowess.

As well, I often tend to think of heroquesting as being shaped to some extent
on the death/resurrection pattern, or at least on the death or "near-death"
experience which opens access to the Other World, and allows for the return
with knowledge. Though there are plenty of RW mythological examples, it's
actually the scenes in John Boorman's _Excalibur_ that first come to mind, in
which Sir Galahad (hmm; is that right?) is first hung from a tree, and then
later drowns in a river; these death/near-death experiences open the path to
the Holy Grail, not the physical search/quest undertaken by the knights
(_Excalibur_ is IMO possibly the best heroquest movie ever made, with the
possible exception of the _Wizard of Oz_, in addition to having some really
good armor; any other suggestions for good heroquest movies, or has that
question been posed before?). In fact, I've often thought that a couple of
heroquests should exist which are only possible after a character has been
killed (is there an rpg out there with the tag line "death is only the
beginning"?), and that at the least having gone through the
death/resurrection cycle should give heroquesters both insight and advantage;
Humakti, for whom death is a one-way ticket, strike me as being limited in
this regard, so when combined with their "marginal" role in society at large,
I guess I tend to think of them as being poor candidates for heroquesting
(unlike YTs, particularly within the encouraging framework of the Goddess).
 Just my opinion, of course.

Tom Zunder threw out:
>Why would women, dedicated to fertility and life sully their hands with
>the business of Death?
>Just a troll..

This may just be a troll, but I'll bite -- I would suggest that in
earth-culture thinking, Life and Death are not opposites, but are part of the
same cycle; life is meaningless without death, the natural end of all things
(hence the unnaturalness of Vivamort), and death isn't really an end at all,
but only a new beginning, in which life begins anew (just as dead crops and
the blood of the Year Kings renew the earth, and the little death brings life
into the world).

Just some thoughts,


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