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From: Nick Effingham (wal@eff.u-net.com)
Date: Fri 03 May 1996 - 21:53:00 EEST

 Everyone has their own set of HeroQuest rules, if you really are looking
for a set then dig out Steve Maurer's rules that now lie somewhere on the
Net. Also, there's ToTRM #7 (which I haven't got? Any left over copies?
Please!), and I know that Sandy had a set that someone got hold of (but were
they just part of the Campaign Notes were written, and therefore
unaccessible to us Mortal Women/Men). The problem isn't the rules, even Greg
said so, the problem is defining the HeroQuest terms and specifics. What is
a Hero, how do you become one? Obviously, you can't swing a sword, kill a
god and claim that you're a Hero, because that isn't the definition (at
least not IMHO). A Hero must aid their community, so therefore you must
figure out what the connection between one person and their community is --
very complicated! How do you define "a village" or the "Lunar Empire". This
is only one of the vague problems plaguing HeroQuesters, how do you go
HeroQuesting? Can you go HeroQuesting without a magical rite, or travelling
along some mystic passage?
 The Digest is the best place to answer these questions, if everyone read
everyone elses rules, argued about it, foamed at the mouth, screamed at each
other and finally decided that there was a *right* answer then you can begin
to define a HeroQuest rules. Just as somebody else wrote (but I can't
remember who :) ), this is what the Digest *is* here for, or are we all just
going to discuss bite attacks (would you stop it with that bite attack
jokes? It was funny the first time, but the eleventy fifth starts to bore
me)? *I* would like to read other peoples interpretations of HeroQuesting,
wouldn't you? HeroQuest campaigns do raise the power level, I run one every
so often for a small group of two powerful trolls, my intention is to watch
them expand and grow, playing at being diplomats, Heros, warlords and
powermongers as they try to advance their own tribe. The campaign is set at
the moment in 1530 ST, in Pavis, just before the Dragonewt Dream (which they
don't know about -- foolish illiterate players that they are!. Will the
campaign live on through the Hero Wars? Maybe. One things for certain, they
don't wander around with crit resistant armour. HeroQuesting is a fun topic,
and one of the essentials to Glorantha as a whole.
  Ralzakark can control *what*! GREAT ARKAT! I *underestimated* him. Even a
god can't do *that*. If I had Slimestone as a pet, I'd be a happier (and
more thoroughly dissolved) person than I am now :) But seriously, the Big R
is obviously going to a big player in the future -- while the Unicorn
Emperor may be slain in 1629 ST, I doubt his other parts are going to remain
as silent. In my HeroWar Notes (compiled mainly from what you can distill
from KoS) it is Ralzakark's Sword Broo who, in 1635, sweep over Sartar,
being more effective and organised than normal broo this is why everyone is
so suprised at their ability. Maybe they are still working on the orders of
their lord? Also, I think Ralzakark might be one of the leaders of the
Monster Empire who take over the Red Moon and imprison the Red Goddess.
 Martin (obviously the true master of the Martin Rune -- only a true Hero
would like my signature) wanted to know where I got my poem. I didn't *get*
it from anywhere, unless you count the vast, cumbersome and frightengly
varied landscape of my imagination. It was part of a few poems and ballards
I had in mind for Glorantha -- that one was for Sir Ethilrist, or a Humakti
- -- I can't remember which, and was never finished. The only other one was
"Lament for Flamal" by the Aldryami.
 Onslaught, be warned! I have heard from my Master that the Bat is Coming
for you and has his dinner napkin at the ready!

(my favourtite cult is the Cult of Greg which grants the special divine
magic-- Gregged, which instantly rearranges the past and already defined
history of a being/community/cult and reduces it to a devolved gorp, or
makes it more powerful than ever before. Associations include the Cult of
Sandy, and the fearsome Cult of Tales)
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and spill thine enemies blood>
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