Raiders, Reviers, Riders & Rogues

From: garry.nixon (
Date: Fri 03 May 1996 - 22:07:21 EEST

Hello all,
I've just finished reading a book called the Steel Bonnets, by George
MacDonald Fraser (for those of you in the know he also wrote the scripts
for Octopussy and the 3 Musketeers).
It describes the lifestyles of
the group of people caught on the border of Scotland and England before the
unification of the two Kingdoms (the Border Reviers, source of words in
the English language such as blackmail, and bereavement). I think it is a
good resource that could be used to reflect the nature of the tribal
rivalrys and struggles expierienced in Sartar etc. It also gives good
descriptions about how these peoples lived, what liesure pursuits they
had and some of the preoccupations they suffered from. In Particular
there is a description of a typical raid, (ch XV Carletons raid, for
those intrested in how Esrola is often a target) and also how justice
was adminstered (ch XX Days of Truce). In the appendix is the Bishop of
Durhams curse on the Border Reivers (4 pages long.....) I'd have posted
some of it, (it really is an interesting read), but I'm not sure about
copyrights etc. So If you can get hold of a copy have a look (or refresh
me about this copyright thing.)

Lots of Love, Stay Hucky [Hucky=happy+Lucky], Garry.


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