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From: Loren Miller (loren@wharton.upenn.edu)
Date: Fri 03 May 1996 - 23:49:31 EEST

davidc@cs.uwa.edu.au (David Cake) writes:
> To wit - there is a lot more to being a hero than being really
> tough in Glorantha. We already know that the most important thing
> about attempting the most difficult heroquests is to have support
> from your community. It seems that most of us think it works the
> other way as well - not only do you need community support to
> become a powerful hero, but the most powerful heroes are those that

> support that their community back. Its not an absolute rule - but
> even Harrek is tied into his community, and gains quite a bit of
> his importance because of it (even if his community is of Wolf
> Pirates).

I hate to include such a big piece of text but Dave said this so
neatly that I wanted to read it again. For those of us who are
dealing with nascent heroes we must realize that those heroes are
heroes TO people, and FOR people, and not heroes alone. A hero alone
is not a hero, he is a monster.

Nils Weinander <niwe@ppvku.ericsson.se> writes:
> These characters are not as good skill-wise as Onslaught, but they
> have lots of magic and they are considered major league heroes, so
> the general power level is lower, but nobody is invulnerable.

I for one would like to see such powerful characters, because I think
that it is difficult to design powerful RQ characters with the same
sorts of abilities that they would have had if they were played, even
if they were played in a campaign with loose training rules and easy
access to enchantments.

Of course you might not want to post said characters, remembering
that I was the one who prompted martin to post Onslaught's stats (and
look where that got us). However, I think it would be fun to see
them, and useful since I could take said characters and use them in a

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