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Here are some stray comments and questions I had to make. You don't have to
answer (but you knew that).

Heroism in Glorantha

Heroes in Glorantha seem to be one with violent, tumultuous
change. Most also seem to be male.

Are there Gloranthan heroes who have a more feminine method? Certainly most
of the major heroes of Western literature are male, but folk and fairy tales
often feature feminine characters (Cinderella, Rumplestiltskin, Beauty and
the Beast) as protagonists who prevail through their faithfulness and purity
or cleverness. Or are these female characters not heroes?

It seems that the original heroes had many strong feminine characters
(Ernalda, Eiritha, Chalana Arroy), but the current crop (that I have heard
about on this list) are a very fractious bunch.

Heroism in Glorantha Games

Have any GMs out there encountered a quality within one of their players
that has stunned them as being inherently Heroic? How would these GMs
describe that quality.

Any GM can conspire with the plot to make any player character a Hero, but I
think a truly Hero-nature player could make his character a hero without the
collusion of the GM.


Does anyone else think that it is cheating when heroquesters put really
wimpy tokens in for their opposition and really powerful symbols in for
their friends? I do.

I think it cheapens the ritual somehow. These rituals rely on the faith of
community of believers. Removing all risk from the ritual seems to be a way
of eventually making the ritual so stale that it doesn't engage the spirit
of the community and weakens the myth itself. Have myths lost their efficacy
in Glorantha because of such mistreatment?

I bet the riskier the opposition, the greater the rewards.

Favorite cult

David Cake asked what digest readers' favorite cults were.

Mine would have to be Chalana Arroy. I don't know that I personally identify
with all the precepts nor that I seek to, but I am always fascinated with
how such a cult would come into being. The very violent world of Dragon Pass
doesn't seem to allow for such a pacifistic moral code.

I think that is Chalana Arroy's strength--her insistence on such a
restrictive code in the face of such overwhelming arguments to abandon it.

I wonder where Chalana Arroy came from in the first place. There is very
little in KoS about her, so it is hard to figure out what events in her life
became the keys to her strength.

River of Cradles

I have always liked this supplement very much, because it provides a strong
launching point for allowing a GM to explore heroism. After completing it,
the River Heroes have a supportive community and a reason to champion. Even
though it is very linear, many heroic stories are also. As a player, it is
interesting to see the myth-making process in action, as relatively small
roles in the battle at Harpoon become exaggerated and how the real mythic
event (the defeat of "Pochargno" in the watery cave) does not even become
part of the lore.

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