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From: David Dunham (
Date: Fri 03 May 1996 - 23:52:34 EEST

David Cake wrote

> I believe Martin King
> to be the true holder of the Martin rune. Those of you who met him at RQDU
> may agree with me - I feel if there was to be only one, he would be the
> one, by size and strength if need be.

I agree. I think of Martin Laurie (whom I've never met) as looking like
Martin King, though intellectually I doubt it's true.

Bo Ros=C8n wondered

> On Thu, 2 May 1996 23:37:00 -0400, Sandy wrote:
> >> What exotics does Ralzakark command?
> >Dave Dunham
> I have to ask, does Dave know?

Believe me, if Ralzakark showed up and commanded me to do something, I
would have a hard time refusing.

(Or Maran Gor -- we had a small earthquake near Seattle last night, but it
was the largest one I've been in, and my adrenal glands definitely work.
Earthquakes would be an effective battle tactic for their fear value, as
well as just knocking people down and making cracks.)

Peter Linton Tracy wrote

> Some time ago Dave Dunham posed the problem of just who is an assassin in
> glorantha and how sense assassin works. Well... IMH(pseudo-runic)O the
> Humakti gain the sense assassin skill through their association to the
> the rune death. Thus the sense when people are concentrating on that rune
> (ie; intending harm to them, or people closely linked to them).

Then the Humakti Sense Assassin would activate before a battle (during the
phase when the warriors drive their chariots around hurling insults, or
everyone moons the enemy, or the leader exhorts his troops). I don't think
this is the case.

Tom Zunder wondered (in regard to Esrolian armies)

> Why would women, dedicated to fertility and life sully their hands with
> the business of Death?

They wouldn't. They'd leave that to women who aren't dedicated to fertility
and life.

I'm testing some new software, and would appreciate hearing if my
Gloranthan Cultures link (on <>)
works. I can tell people have been trying it, but I have heard from one
person that it fails to display the data.


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