George MacDonald Fraser

Date: Sat 04 May 1996 - 00:54:20 EEST

Garry Nixon wrote:
> I've just finished reading a book called the Steel Bonnets, by George
> MacDonald Fraser (for those of you in the know he also wrote the scripts
> for Octopussy and the 3 Musketeers).

He is also the author of an INCREDIBLE series of books about Flashman,
a 19th century ne'er-do-well who somehow always manages to appear
heroic to the world at large. Flashman is a part of almost every
major even of the 19th century, including the charge of the light brigade,
Custer's last stand, Afghanistan's ousting of the British and others.
Flashman knows or meets most of the major figures of the time, all the
while remaining an unredeeming, yet likable, bastard.

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Stephen Stair


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