HQ roolz OK?

From: David Hall (100116.2616@CompuServe.COM)
Date: Sat 04 May 1996 - 01:42:56 EEST

Doyle Wayne Ramos-Tavener
>The second point I want to address is the idea that Heroquest will never be
>published because roleplaying (as opposed to storytelling) is inadequate to
>the needs of simulating Heroquests.

I agree that roleplaying rules can be too constraining when trying to simulate
myths and mythmaking (i.e. Heroquesting). Rules would tend to impose set HQ
paths, a set timeline, defined skills and skill levels, and what you can and
can't do. Unfortunately, none of these really exist in the realm of myth.
Storytelling is closer to the spirit of mythmaking, but some degree of structure
and rules is needed at least to demonstrate relative success and failure, as
well as rewards and penalties.

All I can say is that RQ is too rules heavy for a Heroquest system. IMHO it is
also far too combat based and tends to turn HQing into mega combat bashes -

I'm not working on any HQ rules just now. I can also state that, at present, I
am not working on any new Gloranthan rules system!

I do *not* see Freeforms as *the* way to do HQ, or ever as a replacement for
Gloranthan tabletop gaming. Freeform's are just another way to experience
Glorantha, though a very enjoyable one! However, they are one-shot events and
can never replace a good 'ole RQ campaign. I'd strongly advise you to play in a
freeform so that you can see its strengths and weaknesses.

As Nick has pointed out, writing good freeforms is bloody hard work. So, even if
the shadowy members of the 'A' List did have fiendish plans to replace all
tabletop games with freeforms, we'd kill ourselves doing it.

David Cake
>I certainly prefer high powered games to the 'collection of
>farmboys' style game so loved by many of the Tales crew - does that make me
>a power gamer.

No. But then my boys have done stuff like joust with Richard the Tigerhearted,
date the King of Heortland's daughter, assualt Whitewall, wipe out a whole
temple complex of Vampires, and go on numerous heroquests. However, I suppose
they did lose that joust, the king's daughter was kidnapped from under their
noses by Harrek, the assualt did fail, they were actually looking for lost beer
not Vampires, and the most recent quest is to put back the tackle of a gelded
Grazer horse...

It's not *all* farming!

All Hail the Reaching Moon!

David Hall




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