Thanks for the vote of confidence, Nick

From: Martin Crim (
Date: Sat 04 May 1996 - 03:57:29 EEST

In V2 #533, Nick Brooke wrote:
>Surely shome mishtake! Their surnames give the game away. The third and fourth
>letters of M. Laurie's surname phonetically spell out "You Are" (U.R.), while
>the equivalent letters in M. Crim's spell "I Am" (I.M.). It is clear that
>*Martin Laurie's own name* proclaims the superiority of Martin Crim, whom all
>good Digesters must now hail as the One True Martin!

Thank you. I believe I was also the first to claim the Martin Rune, back
when Rune <forget his last name, but he was a Scandinavian> was a subscriber
and had the Rune Rune. Obviously, Nick Brooke has the Nick Rune, from the
doubled "K" sound.

- --Martin Crim
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