Lunar cavalry

From: Carlson, Pam (
Date: Fri 03 May 1996 - 23:21:00 EEST

David Cake had an good question - what cults do we find interesting and why?

For my two cents, I find the Pelorians, particulary the solars, intriguing.
 (Hardly a surprise to anyone, I'm sure.) The main reason is that I enjoy
exploring their focus on the community rather than on the individual.

Fredrik Brorson (Yay! another Swede!)

>From what I can find in the list archives, the empire is short on light
cavalry and has to use nomad allies for most assignments of the light
cavalry kind. Would the Heartland Corps and other mobile armies have more
cavalry than the provincial militias?

Well, horses are land intensive and expensive, and the Heartlands are pretty
crowded with farmers, rice, turnips and cabbages. The Scylillians, as
 inheritors of the Nivorehen scene, have a horse raising tradition, so they
likely field a heartland calvary. The Dara Happan nobles, once ruled (and
likely fathered) by horse nomads, maintain the deep solar respect for
horses. I'm sure there is an elite heartland Dara Happan cavalry, made up
of wealthy young men who feel their polo skills will easily cross over to
thwacking a Rebel or two. And Loren or Nick can tell you about the
Carmanian heavy cav units.


PS. Martin King gets my vote for holder of the Martin Rune. I'll bet
he's bigger than all the other Martins combined!


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