cool it with the nitpicking

From: Loren Miller (
Date: Sat 04 May 1996 - 01:14:13 EEST

Much as I hate to slap the wrists of highly regarded members of this
list, Nick Brooke and MOB, please stop nitpicking at martin,
impugning his sexual prowess (that would have been misspelled
prowness if this were a D&D list), and anything else antisocial you
may have been planning to do.

Personally, I thought that Onslaught had too little of the hero in
him for his heroic power level and too much power for a normal
human, but that's simply a campaign difference. And if he's used for
comic relief and never actually fights to protect or oppose the PCs
in the campaign then I suppose that's okay too. Of course I'm too
lazy to write down stats for that kind of character who never makes
an appearance in the dicey part of the game. I'm surprised that
martin does have that much energy to spare, but I suppose it's an
interesting escape to pursue on occasion. I have produced my share of
monstrous RQ entities in my life, though most of them were foul
enemies and not buff, mighty-thewed heroines with tits and ass of

Hmmmm. I found some of these monsters the other day. Maybe it's time
to type some in and send them out.

Loren Miller <>
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