Non violent heroes and women

Date: Sat 04 May 1996 - 06:20:53 EEST

The ultimate non-violent heroquester: Sartar, who apparently never
lifted a weapon.

Where are the women? Most Gloranthan societies, like their equivalent
RW societies, have a fairly sharp differentiation of sex roles, which
includes different patterns of social interaction, and I am sure, different
tales of "heroism" (in general, tales of heroism are told in order to
demonstrate proper social behavior) that they tell each other. The vast
majority of Gloranthan sources that we have so far read are written by
men, and therefore reflect their "heroic tales." The tales told by the
females (and written down in the Earth temples, frex) might be quite
different. Reflecting the composition of the RQ audience, there has
been more interest and attention paid to the Male heroquesters and to the
rare women who function in the male world.

I would look forward to tales told at the other fireplace, or in the
other hall!

Jim Chapin


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