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From: Carl Fink (
Date: Sat 04 May 1996 - 04:40:30 EEST

[I talk about tough characters in Sandy's campaign notes]

> What are you talking about, Carl? There are character stats
>in my campaign notes? (I'll have to go look at them again -- maybe
>they're in the back.) To the best of my knowledge no one has skills
>over 130% or so. (Most aren't near that high.) The most powerful
>spellcaster in the party was Mr. Man, a sexagenarian Doraddi
>trickster with (I think) 81 points of Rune Magic, nearly all useless
>trickster dreck, like Become Dirty Shirt. Oh yes, there was the
>broken dwarf, Gorfang, who had a 600% skill in Polishing. (That was
>his job for several centuries before he could stand it no more and
>left the warrens forever.)

It was a (successful) trick, Sandy. I was hoping to provoke you into
posting again. It was also stupid -- I was posting under severe sleep
deprivation. Sorry about that.

You see, *I* have never read your campaign notes. I played in a game
partly based on them, but precisely because of that I couldn't read
them. I didn't mean that set of PCs in any case, but a certain
shipful of mad Humakti (that of course might have nothing to do with
your notes).

That Become Dirty Shirt trick was used to great effect in my game,
though. (He ended up making a Kralori Exarch dig into mounds of dung
with his bare hands.)
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