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> Subject: Non violent heroes and women
> The ultimate non-violent heroquester: Sartar, who apparently never
> lifted a weapon.
        During the RQ Con DU Lore auction, Gre mentioned Sartar, and invited
people to guess whose heroquest path he was on ie which God he was trying to
imitate, and I correctly guessed 'Issaries'. He did get involved in
combat of a sort sometimes, though, generally winning by using
transformation spells.

> Where are the women? Most Gloranthan societies, like their equivalent

> I would look forward to tales told at the other fireplace, or in the
> other hall!

        Jim, get yourself an Entekosiad when you can. While not all like
that, it certainly contains more of the female side than in any other source

        I do agree that the non-violent heroquest paths do need to be explored
more than they have been in a lot of the heroquest ideas thrown about so far.
I think the real measure of a set of HQ rules is really do they cope equally
well with that sort of thing. I would like to more about the sort of
challenges found on those quests, and more about the myths. I was rather
hoping that John Hughes was going to cover some of that stuff in Tales - look
at Seeker or Healer rather than Warrior heroquesting.

        And to the Tales crew - when I talked about the 'farmboys' style
game, I meant to imply neither that there was anything wrong at all with
that sort of game, or that that was all you are interested in. All I meant
was you seem to particularly enjoy that sort of game. Actually, Tom Hobdays
current campaign (some of you may have met him at RQCon DU) is very much a
'farmboys' game, and seems to be fabulous (and Tom also runs a terrific high
powered A D&D game as well, for that matter), one of the best sounding
RQ campaigns I have heard of. Its just not my particular style to GM, though
I do enjoy playing in that sort of game.



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