One True Martin

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The Church of Martin Laurie has seen the light! We have found the true form of
our Lord, The Martin! He hath the qualifying Rune of "King" and has been
revealed to us by the Great Old One Davulhu Dunham via the mystical divination
he calleth "E-mail"!

The evident superiority of the "King" Rune over the Laurie rune is so great that
our prime worship shall be directed through him and the Laurie Rune will be
merely a hero cult henceforth.

We invite the heretical Crim worshippers to join with us in this righteous
conversion and unify our faiths under the Burning Light of KING!

Let us all pray and remember the holy words first spoken by Bruce Campbell upon
the set of the motion picture "Army of Darkness":

"Hail to the KING baby!"

Martin Laurie (The chaste and Pure).


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