Kallyr Starbrow

From: Mike Cule (mikec@room3b.demon.co.uk)
Date: Sun 05 May 1996 - 17:07:45 EEST

To repeat a message I sent to the list which doesn't seem to have got through:

Does anyone have any info about the career of Kallyr Starbrow, the forgotten
Hero of the Liberation of Sartar?
Well, forgotten compared with Argrath anyway.

I've looked up what I can in King Of Sartar and on the List Archives but I can't
seem to find anything on the specific point I'm seeking: her early Heroquesting
especially how she gained the Starbrow and became the lover of Polestar.

I seem to remember a reference somewhere to her once having spat in the face of
an angel: or am I confusing her with someone else?

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