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Date: Sun 05 May 1996 - 19:47:03 EEST

Paul Reilly writes:

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>NPCs with no capacity to be raised, like the scorpion queen K'rana, with

  Note that K'rana had a human lifetime, a scorpion queen lifetime, and learned
a lot by killing and eating previous Scorpion Queens. (4 I think?)

  Note also the power of Chaos.Doesn't K'rana have a high-POW Chaos feature?
Gives a much better power gain roll.

- - -PAR

But, She didn't eat 4 other queens, that was Jagig Two-Barb. In fact, since
the description of her children is given, it is clear that she hasn't
used the Ritual of Rebirth at all. And the the last adventure given states
that she "disappeared" 4 years ago. (also that Bolthor is her uncle!:
another possible plot-line) Therefore her rune magic is a bit gross.
Jim Chapin


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