Dangerous People

From: Martin King (mav@iinet.net.au)
Date: Mon 06 May 1996 - 17:56:41 EEST

Dangerous People

I've discovered that in most of the games of RQ that I've played that
the truly dangerous or tough people aren't necessarily the ones with
huge stats and mondo skills. The most dangerous are those characters
with a real "in your face, take you down" attitude that has no
correlation to their game statistics.

 Something Completely Different

I've always imagined that the Lunar Army soldiers experience in
Sartar is like that of the Americans in "Apocalypse Now". Lots of
panic lots of wild fire, plenty of shouting.
Lots of Orlanthi on the wire eating ratmeat getting hard whilst the
soldier boys who shouldn't be there, sweat.
Imagine you're a young Lunar stationed down in Sartar. There's no
reason to hate the Sartari, the Army doesn't pay as much as the
recruiting Seargeant said and for some reason you are signed up for
20 years. You are young, green and scared. Plus everyone knows that
the Orlanthi barbarians eat the dead. It's a good thing that there's
plenty of Hazia to keep the edge off. And for some reason it's
*always* raining especially before they come. And they do come, mostly
at night.

Then there's the Orlanthi with teleport and DarkWalk imagine poor
Lucius on patrol with Darrius. When Darrius steps off to have a leak
there's a wet sound and Lucius gets scared and starts yelling and
firing his crossbow after he discovers Darrius with his head on


- -Mav's handy hints:
Never set fire to the clothes you're wearing


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