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Date: Mon 06 May 1996 - 17:00:08 EEST

Sandy sez:
> You see, the
> Kralori aren't claiming that broos are Hsunchen who went chaotic.
> Instead, they say that broos are like Hsunchen who emulate CHAOS as
> their host-"animal", rather than some other creature (like tigers or
> tenrecs).
Hmmm. As I remember it, Aptanace's Dad (Wild Man?) mated with a

helluvalot of things before finally the gods created Allgiver,
including animals who where the mothers of the Hsunchen people.
So if the Kralorelans think of the children of Wild Man and Chaos (in
what manifestation? Something the Westerners would think of as Thed?)

as "Chaos Hsunchen", would that mean they may think of the various
Aldryami as "Plant Hsunchen" and the Mostali as "Mineral Hsunchen"?
I'm in no way opposed to the idea, BTW, I'm just curious.

Cake (now, is the Cake Rune related to the Cream Rune?)sez:
> So - does anyone else feel the same way - that they have particular
> cults that they find really inspiring?
Hmmm again. You don't mean the cults we like to play, or the cults we
like to speculate about as Gloranthan scholars? But the cults we
IDENTIFY with? Hm.
As an information specialist (read: high tech
librarian) and practical linguist (read: translator) I'm quite fond
of the Gold Mostali, Herald, Lhankor Mhy the Lawspeaker and Irippi
Ontor - all of them, since they're similar to me, practically-minded
academics. And since I'm quite fond of the Lunar ideas, I suppose I
must end up as a "good" Irippi Ontori - not the deceptive bureaucrat,
but an efficient and honest one.
Note that the answers to "who you like to play" and "who is your
speculative favorite" would have been totally different.
I think they would have ended up "Orlanth" and "Flamal".

Cake sez further:
> I feel that Martins Crim and Laurie are mistaken. I believe Martin King
> to be the true holder of the Martin rune. Those of you who met him at RQDU
> may agree with me - I feel if there was to be only one, he would be the
> one, by size and strength if need be.
NO "hmm" this time!
Look now, there is no One True Martin in MY Glorantha!
The Greg of Greggs has told me in a dream that all Martins are objectively true.
So there!

Erik Sieurin


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