Fort Ann-Thrax

Date: Mon 06 May 1996 - 17:23:55 EEST

G'day all,

Gen. Thrax's wife

Martin Crim asks:
>In V2 #539, MOB writes:

>Hey, in recent years I've [list of power roles deleted] and invaded Sartar
>as General Livius Thrax.

>>Hey, I got to know: was your character's wife's name Anne?
>>:-) Couldn't resist.

You betcha! One of my first acts when we arrived at the Bush Range
was build a fort, named after my dear wife Ann. There were groans all
round the room... (Tarsh War was, by the way, my first real gaming
experience with the pommies and, with the remarkable Mr Gidlow at the
helm, it was an entertaining afternoon. If I hear the name Mike Hagen,
I immediately conjur up his froth-at-the-mouth Char-Un hetman, which
took scenery-chewing overacting to new heights.)




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