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Date: Mon 06 May 1996 - 17:58:33 EEST

Many heroquesters have been non-violent to a great degree.
        Dormal's bypassing of the Closing is definitely a
heroquest. Dormal _did_ engage in battle during his quest, but this
was strictly a sideline, and only when forced upon him.
        Hon-Eel has been mentioned as a "non-violent" quester, but
she did plenty of one-on-one duels and similar fights.
        The Pure One's quest to become apparently non-chaotic was
        The awakening of Shang-Hsa into Yanoor was non-violent.
        The creation of Osentalka was non-violent, though it led to
violence afterwards.
        Errinoru's quest for supremacy in Elfdom was non-violent,
though confrontations were frequent.
        Elamle's foundation of human/elf equality was non-violent.
Note that she may represent the only totally non-combative Superhero
since time began.
        The first troll attempt to break the trollkin curse was
non-violent (can't remember the name of the trollwife who
accomplished this), in that the quester's contests did not involve
fighting techniques. However, the loser of the contests was often
killed or dismembered (but not by his/her opponent).
        The Silent Prophet's establishment of his cult was
non-violent. Almost all the violence attendent upon the incursion of
the Cult of Silence was performed by its enemies, not the cult

        There are of course other examples, but I'm out of time.

Joerg Baumgartner
>Not too much of a community, IMO. I picture the Threestep Isles a
bit like
>the pirate isles in Hugh Cook's "The Walrus and the Warwolf", a heap of
>bleak rocks settled by raiders without any regard for other people's or
>communities' rights than their own ships'.
        I've not read Cook's tale, and probably will never do so.
However, pirates historically have been very much part of a
community. Read the Brethren of the Coast, or any book on Malay
pirates. Pirates, as refugees from normalcy, quickly formed their
own communities, and established their own rules. The Wolf Pirates,
who are NOT outlawed by their own culture, have no doubt kept their
societal mores. Of course, there are many non-Ygg's Islanders in the
Wolf Pirates nowadays, but these folk, true outcasts, have adapted
to the Ygg's culture, even as the Ygglings have done likewise. I'm
sure the standard pirate tongue is some sort of pidging Ygglinga.
        Naturally any den of pirates is going to have more than its
share of sociopaths and madmen, and when I say that they will have
their own rules and culture this is not to say that "Pirateburg" is
going to be any less wild and sinful than the old buccaneer nests of
the Spanish Main. Certainly no place to raise a family.

Sandy P.

Sandy P.


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