Kallyr; vomit

From: Martin Crim (mcrim@erols.com)
Date: Mon 06 May 1996 - 19:20:39 EEST

In V2 #540, Mike Cule writes about Kallyr:

>I seem to remember a reference somewhere to her once having spat in the face of
>an angel: or am I confusing her with someone else?

I think you're confusing her with Bina Bang, the Blue Moon heroquester who
spat in the eye of Yelmalio.

Later in the same issue, Andrew Raphael writes about a side effect of
Swallow being

>Talk[ing] to Eurmal on the Big White Telephone.

LOL! Never heard that one before. However, I disagree. Vomit is an
entirely separate Trickster spell. I don't think anybody in Glorantha knows
what happens to something which has been Swallowed, or if they do, they're

not telling.

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