Heroquest Roolz, Drastic Resolutions

From: altfritz@apollo.kosone.com
Date: Mon 06 May 1996 - 22:43:16 EEST


        It seems to me that a set of Heroquest rules have already been
written! Though not by anyone at the Chaosium! Has anyone checked out the
ideas in EVERWAY? When it came out i thought: "this might be useful...". I

think that the Everway psuedo-tarot deck has many applications ...it could
be used to chart the winding [and various] paths of the quest, it could
identify the obstacles/denizens without resorting to STATS, the characters
fates can be determined and possibly altered, etc. It might be a starting
point for a "hero-quest deck"? Sorry about the non-chaosium plug...i'll go
wash my mouth out with soap now...


        Recieved my copy of the Book of Drastic Resolutions the other day.
Devoured Immediately! Esp. liked the Aldryami stuff. Look forward with keen
antic--pation to Oak and Thorn! Soon Pleeeze!



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