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From: Peter Metcalfe (
Date: Tue 07 May 1996 - 04:35:12 EEST

Andrew Joelson:

On non-violent heroes:

>Then what about ... Hoom-hoolbiktu (spelling way off/Pamaltean hero)?

Hon Hoolbiktu was responsible for the military destruction of the Six
Legged Empire.

Erik Sieurin:

>So if the Kralorelans think of the children of Wild Man and Chaos (in
>what manifestation? Something the Westerners would think of as Thed?)

A gorp presumably (Wild Man was a tough chap) as the Trolls came from
his coupling with a pool of darkness according to the Kralori.

>as "Chaos Hsunchen", would that mean they may think of the various
>Aldryami as "Plant Hsunchen" and the Mostali as "Mineral Hsunchen"?

They would recognize them as one of the sacred miscenegations of which
the Hsunchen are a part. I think the Kralori know of many creatures
that 'have' their origins in Wild Man's couplings with plants and
minerals so I'd think they would have a seperate genera for those
creatures. The minerals would include Gargoyles (Rock), Wind Children
(Clouds) and Waertagi (Water) as well as Dwarves and likewise for the

Sandy Petersen:

> The Silent Prophet's establishment of his cult was
>non-violent. Almost all the violence attendent upon the incursion of
>the Cult of Silence was performed by its enemies, not the cult

Umm, presumably this refers to the peaceful phase of the Cult before
it was perverted into a horde of drug-crazed fanatics which then
conquered most of Fonrit and Umathela?

- --Peter Metcalfe


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