Re: Swallow; Naveria

From: David Dunham (
Date: Tue 07 May 1996 - 09:43:15 EEST

What happens after a Trickster uses a Swallow spell? They probably have to
cough up a big hairball. Or maybe an owl pellet.

Pam Carlson wrote:

> Naveria brought civilization to Peloria, teaching people how to build
> walls and eat with forks.

Pam slights Naveria, my favorite heroine. She killed a giant before she
reached the Red City. She was the first stranger to travel to the city. She
taught cooking, agriculture, and the use of ovens (for baking bricks as
well as food). Finally, she could renew youth. It's tragic how this brave
and resourceful heroine ends up as the Dara Happan kitchen goddess.


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