Heroquest rules etc.

From: Nils Weinander (niwe@ppvku.ericsson.se)
Date: Tue 07 May 1996 - 13:14:07 EEST

>It seems to me that a set of Heroquest rules have already been
>written! Though not by anyone at the Chaosium! Has anyone checked out the
>ideas in EVERWAY? When it came out i thought: "this might be useful...".

I agree whole-heartedly. Adapting the Everway fortune deck to Glorantha
is one of my background processes. Actually, I'd like to use the Everway
mechanics not only for heroquests but also for 'mundane' adventures.

> These characters are not as good skill-wise as Onslaught, but they
> have lots of magic and they are considered major league heroes, so
> the general power level is lower, but nobody is invulnerable.

>I for one would like to see such powerful characters, because I think
>that it is difficult to design powerful RQ characters with the same
>sorts of abilities that they would have had if they were played, even
>if they were played in a campaign with loose training rules and easy
>access to enchantments.
>Of course you might not want to post said characters, remembering
>that I was the one who prompted martin to post Onslaught's stats (and
>look where that got us). However, I think it would be fun to see
>them, and useful since I could take said characters and use them in a

OK, I'll get myself an asbesthos suit and make a shot at it. However,
I will not post exact stats for two reasons: those were characters in
another GM's campaign and the character sheets are somewhere in his
general paper chaos. They are also RQ2 characters, with _lots_ of
house rules, so many details wouldn't be applicable to most people

Unfortunately I don't have time for this at the moment, but hopefully
I'll be able to do it later this week. I can warn you right now
though, those who are allergic to high-powered characters might
not want to read it.

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