Sandy on Scenarios

Date: Tue 07 May 1996 - 13:53:28 EEST

G'day all,

Sandy on Scenarios

Sandy on scenarios:
>The dark side is that the scenarios are often _very_
>specific as to locale, type of party, local politics, etc. to the
>point that it is ten times harder to fit it into (say) the East
>Isles than even BORDERLANDS would be...I don't mind the good writing.
>I do mind the unusability of the scenarios, to the point that more
>and more often, PCs are provided with the scenarios, because even
>the authors realize that no conventional campaign will be able to
>shoehorn their party into it.

Sandy hits the nail right on the head when it comes to writing scenarios
for a wide audience rather than for a personal campaign. Finding
convincing rationales to get existing PCs into a good Gloranthan plot
can be difficult, because the richness world of Glorantha, and the
depth of the background (we should be a long way from "You all gather at
the Beer & Brawl for another night on the turps, when a mysterious
stranger approaches the party's table..."*). Nevertheless, those of us who
still attempt to write scenarios for the wider audience should still
try: one of the key reasons why RQ3 never took off after its release was
that there was bugger all *new* stuff to play (see Tales #5), and not
everyone is prepared to or has the time to invent cunningly fiendish
plots to confound the PCs week after week.

One of the reasons why I put my 'Beyond the Wall' scenario in Esrolia
rather than the West was so that existing PCs from the traditional areas
of RQ could get in on the action (beats somehow transporting your mixed
bag of Sartarites to Seshnela for a one-off scenario). My bit in
Strangers in Prax is perhaps less successful, as you've gotta be a
anti-Lunar rebel to take part (then again, it'd be pretty difficult
to get a party of Lunars on the good guys side of the Cradle...).

Unfortunately, some of the best scenarios I've ever been involved in both
as player and GM are so specifically tied to characters and events that
they could never be written for a wide audience.

*As a rule, our gaming group will bloodymindedly ignore or attack
wilfully glaringly obvious plot devices!

Keeps those scenarios, cameos and Holiday Gloranthas coming!



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