Kallyr Starbrow

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I'm thinking of writing something centered around Kallyr for Convulusion 3D.
I've done a search for what I can find about the Forgotten Hero of the Sartar
Liberation and I'd still like your help on the following points:

1) How old was Kallyr at the time of Starbrow's Rebellion? At the time of
the Liberation of Boldhome?

2) When and why did she go on her Heroquest? What was its object? Did she get
what she was aiming for or something else?

3) I seem to recall a reference to her 'once spitting in an angel's eye'. Was
this her or someone else? It seems unlikely given she is blessed by a gift from

4) Speaking of which, I interpret KING OF SARTAR as saying that via the stargem
implanted in her brow, her soul returned to Polestar on her death where she
became 'his favourite lover' and that she returned to the Mundane World briefly
at the call of Argrath during the final confrontation with the Lunars.

Any other Kallyr lore will be gratefully received.

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