From: Lewis Jardine (JARDINE@rmcs.cranfield.ac.uk)
Date: Tue 07 May 1996 - 19:47:02 EEST

Hi All
        One of the false David's states that Onslaught is an example of
a powergamer as he is largely a collection of magic items. Individually
these are reasonable enough, but as they have little context they do not
serve to enhance *The Character*. However, combined, they serve to make
Onslaught (the collection of stats) much harder to kill.
        This is exactly the same sort of effect that drove me to give
up AD&D TM etc. Characters in AD&D are largely defined by their magic
items and to a slightly lesser degree by their class and level. In my
mind these are not *Characters* they are merely constructs...

        Actually, I do still play AD&D, about twice a year. A bunch of
very long time friends meet up for a boys' weekend out and we get very
drunk and reminiss about what out *Characters* did. Funnily enough the
conversations are not about what monsters etc. were killed but about
the memorable and silly things that happened such as:

DM:- Who opens the door?
Players:- The hobbit opens the door.
DM:- The hobbit dies.
Players (laughing) :- We haven't got a hobbit!

Or standing in front of the big baddy, hopping around on one leg.
Shouting "I'm gross, I'm gross." (Don't ask me why, but the baddy still
couldn't hit him!)

Oh, and we occassionally get round to playing the game. Its never as
good as the memories though...

So now I have confessed my sins, I'll get back to the point. Role
playing is about *Characters* and not unkillable constructs. So I'd
like to see Onslaught returned to being a character with Deville.
Lets forget his stats (Yes, lets!) and wait for some more Deville...

        Lewis (One time National AD&D Champion!)


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