Trickster's Digestion

From: garry.nixon (
Date: Wed 08 May 1996 - 02:08:20 EEST

>I don't think anybody in Glorantha knows what happens to something
>which has been Swallowed, or if they do, they're not telling.

I cannot remember any reference either, but I'd always played it that if
it didn't reappear somewhere else, then it probably belonged in some
hoard or another, possibly Asrelias? Depended on wether it was a
player or an NPC who cast it, and what I thought would be most
amusing (it is after all a Trickster spell. Another option could be that it
falls out of the sky in that place I've forgotten the name of (top of
Sartar, Trolls sometimes fish out unusual items from it, mentioned in
Troll gods (I hate having a Swiss Cheese Memory)), the first time I
remember reading about I thought it sounded like what was likely to come
out of some cosmic toilet.

Lots of Love, Stay Hucky [Hucky=Happy+Lucky], Garry.


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