Jarst and Kallyr

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Date: Wed 08 May 1996 - 03:02:45 EEST

Simon Bray:

>I am presently working on some ideas about the land of Jarst. [...] I can
>only find very minor references, such as it's language and some mentions
>in the Genertela book. I was wondering why this area is not part of the
>Empire? Who lives there? Is there any references to be found? Is it
>a Blank land?

As far as I could work out (from the Maps in the Fortunate Succession),
the land of Jarst was founded by Kastok, a famous Dara Happan General
in the Second Age. It was designed as a buffer state between the Pent
Nomads and the Heartlands and also served as a forward base for his
campaigns against the Pentans. It originally encompassed the river
valley from Rinliddi down to the Elf Sea.

The land was organised by creating estates that would support a mounted
warrior for Kastok's Army. Much of these warriors were from Dara Happa
and/or Rinliddi (both which have an excellent cavalry tradition). The
farmers, I think, were either lodrili farmers (transported for various
crimes) or local natives given a crash course in modern agricultural
techniques but most probably a mixture of both.

After Kastok was executed (for being too successful), central authority
in Jarsting was lost and it became balkanized. The landed 'knights'
that were gradually depleted by continuing Pentan invasions until the
various farmers and villagers decided that paying tribute (or taxes) to
the nomads was better than resisting.

The Northernmost part of Garst was settled by Hon-eel and later
became incorporated as the Oraya Sultanate. I think the Southern
part was also going to be incorporated into the Empire, but after
the disaster of the Nights of Horrors and the nomad incursions
leading up to it, the Empire (or rather the local Sultan) has got
better things to do.

Mike Cule:

>Speaking of which, I interpret KING OF SARTAR as saying that via the
>stargem implanted in her brow, her soul returned to Polestar on her
>death where she became 'his favourite lover' and that she returned to
>the Mundane World briefly at the call of Argrath during the final
>confrontation with the Lunars.

Of course, this comes from the annotated Saga which also has Harrek
the Berserk returning from the South. I much prefer the (earlier)
version given elsewhere which says that the help from above was from
the Wind Children. Although Kallyr may have fallen in love with a
star, I doubt that it was Polaris himself.

More importantly, *who* did Kallyr marry after she became Queen of
Sartar? Argrath is out because he marries the Feathered Horse Queen
whereas Fazzur is actually dallying with an Esrolian Queen at the
time. Sir Ethilrist is an intruiging possibility (shades of Narcissus
and Echo)...

- --Peter Metcalfe


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