Everway as HQ

From: Sherri A. Beyke (sherri@ro.com)
Date: Wed 08 May 1996 - 14:47:06 EEST

Mike Cule wrote:
>Yep, I had the very same thought about how to use Everway mechanics in a
>Gloranthan HeroQuest. I've worked out most of how to use a deck to moderate
>HQ activities

Well, don't be shy; post that puppy! I for one would be very interested
in seeing this.

> and I was asking about Kallyr because I'd like to run a version
>of her first Quest as a test at Convulsion.

This would be cool to see also, of course. Are you bringing it to
RQCon Chicago?

Pointless addendum: I dont see why people are complaining about the
duration of the Onslaught debate. I mean, compared to some of the
donnybrooks ov the past, this was quickly over. Where's Jeorg and Alex
when we need them ;-)
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