Imperial Battalia

From: Howard Fielding (
Date: Wed 08 May 1996 - 21:17:05 EEST


        Frederik(?) was asking about more Lunar cavalry. DP lists the Lunar
Battalia as follows...[not including the College of Magic]

        Imperial Bodyguard
                Bloodspillers Inf?
                Hell Sisters Cav-appeared Tales.
                Mother's Guard Inf?
                Household Foot Inf
                Grim Soldiers Inf?
                Feathered-Axe Inf?

        Heartland Corps

                Standfast Inf
                Hadrian's Dragoons Cav
                Red Dragoons Cav
                Yalamese Inf?
                Jintori Inf?
                Lost Sky Inf?
                Steel Sword Legion Inf
                Granite Phalanx Inf
                Marble Phalanx Inf
                Jasper Phalanx Inf
                Thunder Delta Slingers Inf

        Cavalry Corps

                Antelope Lancers [from Hungry Plateau?]
                Char-un [from Erigia]
                Bell Temple

        Native Furthese Corps

                Veteran's Cavalry
                2nd Furthest Cavalry
                3rd Furthest Cavalry
                1st Furthest Foot
                2nd Furthest Foot
                Talfort Inf
                Dunstop Inf
                Goldedge Inf
                Bagnot Inf
                Slave Wall Inf

        Sorry about the -?- I could have checked the counters to see which
were cav and which inf but i forgot before i came down, oops. The stats
might also give a clue as to the unit's type but i've forgotten what they
all mean! They are listed in relative order by strength [most powerful at
the top].
        The Hell Sisters were featured in Tales a while back.
        The Phalanx's were also featured in Tales...a Beryl Phalanx was also many others there are i don't know.
        I believe all the provinces have their own Native Corps...Native
Imther Corps,etc.
        Most of the units i know nothing about [except the Thunder Delta
Slingers, of course]....presumably when Soldiers of the Red Moon comes out
it will detail these units and the rest of the Lunar Host!?
                Hope this helps


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