Hal Replies, and asks a couple more (easy ones)

From: Hal Bowman (hbowman@moac.morgan.edu)
Date: Thu 09 May 1996 - 02:48:22 EEST

Hello, and thanks again for the replies to my previous questions. Someone
wrote to me and asked how I was able to acquire some old source material.
The answer is that my friend Ed Reich purchased it when it came out and has
kindly let me borrow it. The respondent who guessed that my inquiries are
based on a need for suggestions in a campaign was indeed correct, and I
thank that person especially. Just as a note, the return voyage from
Pamaltela planned by the crew (assuming they don't die, go down the Pool,
stay in Jolar) takes them on a "Dormal in reverse" route - close to
Pithadros. This wouldn't be big deal if the crew wasn't lead by a 1.5 Agi
who dreams of leading an army of fellows back to Prax to whip the Lunars.
Estimated return voyage date: 1623. Anyway, my questions have to do with
the exact dates and locations of the Con in Chicago and the next
Convulsions. What are they? Also, is the RQCon2 compendium out?

Hal "Info Mooch" Bowman

PS: I promise that when I'm done with my students' finals, I post something
"creative" in return.


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