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Date: Thu 09 May 1996 - 04:12:11 EEST

Devil badger writes:

Pope Jim wrote:

> I can't forbear noticing that MOB's account of the major characters
> he has played is mostly an account of disaster and defeat -- maybe he
> should play farm boys!

Why? MOB's scenery-chewing disasters are more amusing for those around him to
watch than most other players' triumphs! I'd far rather see someone "go down" in
character than witness them succeed with all the style of an wargamer and the
panache of a flatfish. Keep MOB's Parts Big, I cry!
I am tempted to ask why NB knows as much about MOB's parts as he apparently
did about ML's. Maybe it was the "Bugger underling" card?

Actually, I thought MOB did a great job as Gordius, though I also thought
that my interpretation of Count Leonidas as a pompous little twit was
equally inspired. As for Theoblanc, I played him as someone whose major
desire was to keep on living (after 150 years or so I figured that was
his main goal) and more successfully achieved the flavor of a scheming
politician than MOB, including survival. However, I did my own scenery-
chewing when I led the great Rokari walkout. Hmm, maybe the unkind
would suggest that it was easy for me to play a pompus little twit or a

scheming politician??

Obviously MOB is ready to be type-cast as a spectacular slavering degenerate
sort of guy. I think Mothiman the Impaler was perfect for him. Now, if
he comes to Chicago in January, what tribe should he lead? Obviously,
he would make a great D'fann. And think of the opportunity that would
present to everyone else!
Jim Chapin


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