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> The Silent Prophet's establishment of his cult was non-violent.
Almost all the >violence attendent upon the incursion of the Cult of
Silence was performed by >its enemies, not the cult itself.

Peter Metcalfe
>Umm, presumably this refers to the peaceful phase of the Cult
before it was >perverted into a horde of drug-crazed fanatics which
then conquered most of >Fonrit and Umathela?

        What the devil are you talking about, Peter. They didn't
"conquer" anyone. They converted a large minority of the population
to the Cult of Silence, but they certainly didn't come as an army
with banners. They _can't_. Remember, they can't communicate with
one another? And the Silent Prophet was non-violent no matter what
exaggerated lies you tell about his followers.

>I think its a moral choice we are talking here. In fact I will
contradict my >statement of above - the most EFFECTIVE or important
heroes are those that >support their community back, the most
powerful in person may be those that >selfishly retain their power.
        The following is based on a conversation Greg and I shared.
        A quester who retains the power he obtains for his own
selfish gratification becomes very powerful indeed. But he does not
matter. The world does not remember him in any important way. When
he dies, his cool powers die with him. He is the spiritual

equivalent of the scary monsters that real heroes must face on their
quests. In fact, he _is_ those monsters -- a large percentage of
the enemies that you face while heroquesting are composed of these
kind of guys who are, sadly, more common than the real heroes, but
also shorter-lived.

>The Kralori say that broos are like Hsunchen who emulate CHAOS as
their >host-"animal", rather than some other creature (like tigers
or tenrecs).

Erik Sieurin
>As I remember, Wild Man mated with a helluvalot of things before
finally the >gods created Allgiver, including animals who where the
mothers of the Hsunchen >people.
>So if the Kralorelans think of the children of Wild Man and Chaos
>as "Chaos Hsunchen".
        No no. The broos are not the children of Wild Man, or at
least if they were, it was way back before they became chaotic. They
are not Hsunchen -- they are _like_ Hsunchen. There is a

>would that mean they may think of the various Aldryami as "Plant
Hsunchen" and >the Mostali as "Mineral Hsunchen"?
        No. They know that Wild Man is ancestor of the Aldryami,
but they also know that the Aldryami are not Hsunchen. Ditto for the


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