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Date: Thu 09 May 1996 - 09:54:29 EEST

Nick writes:

>Which is why any tabletop
>game with more than half a dozen players ends up dominated by the loud-mouthed
>extroverts who know how to get the gamemaster's attention, and freeforms can run
>with fifty to eighty people getting along quite happily on their own for the
>most part.

I'm not out to criticize either TTRP nor LARP, but I do have one question
for those with LARP experience. Nick's above comment rings very true, but
one good thing about TTRP is that a GM with at least basic skills of
empathy can notice shy and insecure players and try to draw them out and
get them involved by paying more attention to them than to the loudmouths.

So, how do you handle theses people in a LARP so that they don't just
stand in a corner watching all the fun stuff passing them by? Is there
a real risk that a LARP is fun for the extroverted people, but less
satisfactory for the introverted?

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