Silence is Golden

From: Peter Metcalfe (
Date: Thu 09 May 1996 - 12:19:42 EEST

Sandy Petersen:

Sandy had said that the Cult of Silence was nonviolent and that any
violence involving it was performed by its enemies.

Me>>Umm, presumably this refers to the peaceful phase of the Cult
>>before it was perverted into a horde of drug-crazed fanatics which
>>then conquered most of Fonrit and Umathela?

> What the devil are you talking about, Peter. They didn't
>"conquer" anyone. They converted a large minority of the population
>to the Cult of Silence, but they certainly didn't come as an army
>with banners.

According to Breakout 34:

'It seemed just another aberrant of mankind until 1237, when Elassi
the Stiffler, ruler of the city of Emanus, lopped off an ear, declared
himself a prophet and launched a scathing campaign of conquest,
persecuting teachers of other philosophies, forcibly intiating foes
into Silence. He popularised a debased form of Silence worship which
transformed into drug-ridden, fanatical devotees. A widespread region,
called the Lands of the Silenced, were turned into wastelands by the

This is sometime after the Wordless Prophet in 1129 lest Sandy think
that I believed him to have been violent. The peaceful cult was
persecuted occasionally but I wasn't referring to them. The 'Evil
Silence' was crushed in 1313 (thus the War against Silence dates in
the Glorantha Book (G:CotHW) but devotees still exist. The Vadeli
did persecute them during their brief Pamaltelean Empire for reasons
unknown (using their Sedalpist Henchmen which is ironic considering
that the Sedalpists calim to be heirs to the original teachings of the
Wordless Prophet!).

>They _can't_. Remember, they can't communicate with one another?

IMO they don't really need to communicate to conquer. They could
develop sensitive hearing and send roving gangs to beat up anybody
who has their stereo on in the neigbourhood frex. _If_ the Silence
was infectious (ie the quieter you were, the more you could feel
the bliss enjoyed by a nearby devotee of the Cult), then the CoS
will spread slowly but surely.

BTW being silent and can't communicating isn't a hard and fast relation
in the CoS. Some sects could use magical communication whereas others
refrained from even reading and writing.

>And the Silent Prophet was non-violent no matter what exaggerated lies
>you tell about his followers.

As the Silent Ones cannot speak out, we have only heard one side of the
story. Perhaps you could tell us the real story behind the War against

- --Peter Metcalfe


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