lunar cavalry

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  Howard Fielding replying to Fredrik(?) talks about the Lunar cavalry.
> Most of the units i know nothing about....presumably when Soldiers of
  the Red Moon comes out it will detail these units and the rest of the
  Lunar Host!?
  I don't know if the authors of that plan to detail all the units or not,
  but in my campaign I play that at least three of the Cavalry Corps units
  come from Sylila (with its ancient tradition of Hyaloring rule and more
  recently Ingkot's horse breeding). These units are:
  Arrowstone: I think I posted a story regarding the Arrowstone here at
  some point in the past. This cavalry corps is drawn from western Sylila
  including some of the lands of Dara-Ni. They are noted for wearing red
  arrowstones--sometimes set in their helms, but more typically in
  necklaces. The arrowstone does not symbolize the use of bow & arrow,
  but instead is a symbol of the power of the heart. This cavalry corps
  is noted for straight charges and for their ability to regroup.
  Uplands: This cavalry corps is drawn from southern Sylila where the
  hills rise toward the Autumn Mountains. They claim to be the true heirs
  of Ingkot Axe-and-a-Half (husband of Conq Daughter) and are noted for
  the axes they wield from horseback. They are a stormy and contentious
  corps and dislike infantry as a matter of pride.
  Riverfork: This cavalry corps is drawn from the eastern part of Sylila
  along the Oslir river. This unit has an affinity for water and are
  known for their skill in finding river fords and for dramatic river
  crossings against their foes. They follow a corps spirit called Radh
  Silverspear and the silverspear carried by their bannerman is the corps'
  focal point.
  As for the other cavalry units, two are reasonably well known.
  Antelope Lancers--Sable Riders from the Hungry Plateau; their ranks have
  probably been supplemented by Praxian Sable Riders while they've been
  resident in Prax; they rode with Jannisor and betrayed that hero during
  the Great Sable conversion in the 1st Wane.
  Char-un--from Erigia; they are of horse nomad stock and still follow
  ancient nomadic traditions; they joined the Red Goddess during her
  battle with the Carmanians and later settled in Erigia in the 1st Wane
  following the Skyburn.
  [See Heroes or Wyrms Footnotes, History of the Lunar Empire--Zero Wane
  and 1st Wane]
  The following are my speculations on the rest and have no basis in
  anything written, just thoughts off the top of my head.
  Bell Temple--from Kostaddi; they answer the call of the bell from their
  traditional home and are known for wearing bells upon their outfits to
  startle their foes.
  Whipstock--from Rinliddi; noted for their use of the whip upon their own
  horses, they are considered cruel only to those who do not know the
  horse nomads.
  Queens--from Doblia (or Naveria); they call upon the ancient Queens of

  the land for their strength.
  Starkin--from Rinliddi; they call upon Pole Star to guide their pathways
  and often ride their steeds in the night.
  Moonarrow--from Rinliddi; they use their moon bows to strike at the
  horse nomads who venture in from the Redlands.
  Unriver--from Darjiin; this corps rides horses and crosses the land in
  contrast to the river folk who dominate Darjiin and the Darjiini rivers.
  Wingtemple--from Rinliddi; their helms have decorative wings and they
  have magic gained from Vrimak(?) that allows them to give their horses
  wings on their feet (so they can quickly cross the grasslands without
  hitting ruts--not really flying though)


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