The Sex Life of A Wild Man

From: Erik Sieurin (
Date: Thu 09 May 1996 - 18:25:03 EEST

I wrote (in a response to wisdom from Sandy):
> >As I remember, Wild Man mated with a helluvalot of things before
> finally the >gods created Allgiver, including animals who where the
> mothers of the Hsunchen >people.
> >So if the Kralorelans think of the children of Wild Man and Chaos
> >as "Chaos Hsunchen".
And Sandy replied:
> No no. The broos are not the children of Wild Man, or at
> least if they were, it was way back before they became chaotic. They
> are not Hsunchen -- they are _like_ Hsunchen. There is a
> difference.
Guh? I thought that Hsunchen, to the Kralori, signified "a animal
that looks like a man", not "a man that tries to emulate animals",
since Hsunchen are not true People.

The reason for my question was that I thought it strange that the
inscrutable Easterners should see more similarity between the Broos
emulating raw Chaos and the Hsunchen emulating animals, than between
the Hsunchen and, say, the Aldryami, _especially_ when the Hsunchen
and Aldryami are so to say "more closely related".

I could actually form a (for me) interesting Kraloric phiosophy about
merging my mistake(?) with Sandy's latest information: the attempt to
emulate the inhuman part of themselves is what has prevented these
critters from achieveing any kind of a true mystical enlightenment
and hope of achieving whatever the name for the Kralori equivalent of
the Good Hereafter was.

Erik Sieurin


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