Humakti variation, Dwarf construct memories

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>(6). Is Humakt a broad church with many different views within
>a borad framework or a monolith of rigid ideals of behaviour?
>I prefer the former though some seem to prefer the latter.

I think it's a broad church, since every other church in Glorantha seems
to be too. We've seen comments about Kingdom of War humakti, Carmanian
humakti, Big R's sword broos, etc. We know the Renekoti orlanthi aren't
identical to Sartarite orlanthi or Heortland orlanthi.

The Pavis temple to Humakt should have some EWF elements from the
Real City folk as well as the Sartarite exiles. That Humakt temple in
Balastor's barracks is EWF influenced, I reckon. So they do some things
differently at the New Pavis temple of Humakt from what they do anywhere
else in Glorantha.

>(7). Is a Dwarfen construct capable of acting human enough to be Onslaught
>and if so what is his purpose and what happened to his memory?

BR&D (i.e., Robert MacLean & I) wrote a Hero System module for CanCon in
the 1980s wherein one PC was a Terminator-style robot who thought he was
a human & was programmed for a complete memory wipe (a cold start back to
the ROMs) if he ever found out he was a robot. It was a diagnostic mode
for self-repair. The character would become an NPC, concentrate entirely
on repairing itself, reset, and become a PC again. We gave the player a
new character sheet if that happened, with a much smaller skill list & a
blank history.

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