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Date: Thu 09 May 1996 - 19:51:39 EEST

In response to Jean Durupt's questions

>How do they propel their dragon-ship?
        With large undines. Riding on the crest of a huge wave like
colossal surfboards.

>Nick Brooke said that Brithos is forever gone. I like the idea
that the Waertagi can reopen the way between Brithos and the world:
        Whatever the Waertagi return, if anything, will not be Old

>1) the ancestral Brithini (Zzabur et all) are too good as villains
to disapear >from the world
        They are not gone from the world. There are plenty of
Brithini left around. Also, nothing prevents anyone from finding
individual clots of Old Brithini up to and including Zzabur
somewhere hiding out. Finally, if you pine for the Old Brithini, set
your campaign in the Second Age. If you want to play in the Gbaji
Wars, set your campaign in the First Age. Nothing forces anyone to
play in the Third Age.

>2) At the dawn, there were only brown Vadeli, when Dormal lifted
the Closing he >found red Vadelis. I think that the dicovery of
Brithos will bring back the blue >Vadeli in the world.
        The blue Vadeli are already on their way back. Once they're
returned, no one will need Brithini as villains any more.

>When attacking ships, malasps have some problems to solve
        This is good, however. Mermen should, in general, have
trouble attacking ships, or else sea voyages become far too hard.
Their attacks should be at least as exceptional as encountering a
pirate vessel.

>First, without aerial allies they cannot detect ships beyond 30 km
(the >horizon).
        1) they can _hear_ a ship coming further than that with the
right magic.
        2) they can easily set out scouts. Placing an observer
every 60 km along a front line is trivial for even a small tribe.
Use telepathy or mindlink to communicate to the tribe.

>Even if a malasp can swim faster than a ship, she does not tire
during pursuits.
        Hence malasps do not chase down ships, but lay ambushes.

>What does the sky terror look like?
        It has a long neck, six wings, sixteen legs, a lashing
tail, and many exceedingly unfair chaotic powers.

>I checked the various maps of Dorastor through the ages.I think
that demon >plateau is the remains of the tower of justice, where
Arkat and Gbaji had their >final fight.
        So do I. But since Dorastor's topography changes every few
decades, who can be sure? History is a stochastic process which
erases the evidence of its passing (it is impossible to discern the
influence of Napoleon by looking at modern Europe's political
situation -- only records enable us to view this). Nowhere is this

more true than Dorastor. Do the Hellwood elves come from Rist?
Maybe. _They_ don't know, and neither does anyone else now. Did the
Poisonthorn Elves originate in Gbaji's day? Could be.
        NOTE: this does NOT mean that the Hellwood Elves may not
have decided to "return" to Rist, nor that they do not believe they
come from Rist. They may have a thousand theories to account for
their existence. They may have only one such theory. They know that
everything about the history of Dorastor is a lie, but _something_
caused their presence. Maybe it was Rist.
        Maybe the Telmori of Dorastor really are descendants of the
original Telmori tribe known to have sought refuge there. And maybe
they are something else entirely. Grayskins tainted with
intelligence and lycanthropy? A failed experiment by Ralzakark or
the Krjalki? Descendents of the Mad Sultanate? Physical ghosts,
unaware of their dead status? A complex illusion due to fail any
day? ALL of these possibilities are available in Dorastor. I have my
favorite, and so ought everybody else who cares about this land.

NOTE: saying that no one in Glorantha knows the truth about
Dorastor is not the same as saying that there _is_ no truth, or that
a GM doesn't know the truth.



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