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Date: Thu 09 May 1996 - 15:22:18 EEST

Hi all,

In response to the question about the date for Glorantha Con IV, here
are the data:

From 24-26 January1997, in the City of the Wind (Chicago),
there will there be a great gathering of the tribes. Proud
bison, tall llamas, quick antelope, even morokanth, will be
welcome to come to visit the Block and to revel in the Bull's
saving of the World.

When: Friday, January 24 through Sunday, January 26, 1977

Where: Ramada Hotel O'Hare
        6600 North Mannheim Road
        Rosemont, IL 60018
        Phone (847)-827-5131
        Fax (847) 827-5220</p></center>
       Complementary shuttle service from Chicago's
       O'Hare airport.
$72 per night (+tax) single/double occupancy
$82 per night&nbsp;(+tax) triple room

Registration fee: $40</p></center>

Featured LARPs:
        The Coming of the White Bull
             In the Third Age, in the time of the
             Hero Wars, Argrath gather the
             tribes of Prax.
        The Broken Council
             In the Second Age, a group of mortals
             undertakes a grand feat of myth: the
             creation of a god.

Guests of Honor:
        Greg Stafford
        Sandy Peterson

Interested? Contact Marc Paterno at

We are looking for judges and volunteers in the
Chicago area. Interested? Contact
       Andrew Joelson at
        Scott Schneider at

- -- Marc Paterno


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