Lunar Cavalry

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Date: Thu 09 May 1996 - 21:40:13 EEST

In digest #549, Harald Smith wrote:
>Whipstock--from Rinliddi; noted for their use of the whip upon their own
>horses, they are considered cruel only to those who do not know the
>horse nomads.

According to Home of the Bold, Whipstock cavalry actually come from Alkoth,
and probably spend a lot of time waiting to raid Darjiin.

I do agree that the Lunar cavalry is often under-rated. The reason many of
their allies provide cavalry is that the Lunars make use of whatever combat
units a region or culture area provide. Just because they may not have
enough heavy infantry in an area doesn't mean that they'll make any new
Char-un recruits give up their mounts and pick up a spear and shield. At
least that's how it is supposed to work.

Count Stolwitz, Whipstock Cavalry Regiment - Boldhome
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