Gloranthan Armies

From: Peter Metcalfe (
Date: Fri 10 May 1996 - 02:28:49 EEST

Harald Smith:

> Queens--from Doblia (or Naveria); they call upon the ancient Queens of
> the land for their strength.

I thought the Queens Regiment was Carmanian (Western Reaches). There's
a reference to it in the Genertela Book about a Carmanian Noble who
spends his time in the Queens Regiment IIRC.

Sandy Petersen:

Gave a list of the quality of various troops in glorantha. Most seem
pretty reasonable (although the Kralori rating of 2 was interesting).
My main comment is that the Vormaini Navy would rank about a 2 (as
they are nowhere near as good as the East Isle navies). About the
only thing that made me boggle was:

NATION Army Quality
Loskalm 2
.... .
Horali 5
Iron Dwarfs 5
Kingdom of War 6

The KoW are *better* than the Iron Dwarves or the Brithini? *gulp!*
(Sog City land prices plunge to new lows...)

How would you rate the Seshnegi [My guess: 3?], Pasos [2 Navy-3]
Ralians [2], Wolf Pirates [Navy-4] or the Masloi Flanchi [2 Navy-3]?
Do the Arbennan Confederation and the Kresh have armies (as of 1621)
to register on your list? Do the Slarges?

- --Peter Metcalfe


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