Trickster's swallows

Date: Fri 10 May 1996 - 05:57:14 EEST

Obviously, since they are Tricksters, whatever happens is never the same.
They should not destroy the characters affected, except sometimes! Most
of the time, some version of a nightmare happens to the swallowed person:
maybe transferred into boggles, but a sexist Yelm nobleman might be
turned into female peasant, a great chaos-fighter into a non-chaotic version
of a chaotic creature, a homebody might be unchanged but dumped naked
at the other hand of the lozenge; whatever fiendish but not totally
destructive idea the GM has can be inflicted on the PC -- or better --
the NPC -- while the PCs watch. Some of the transformation fates at the
end of Jack Chalker's WellWorld novels might give GMs some ideas.
Jim Chapin


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