From: David Cake (
Date: Fri 10 May 1996 - 09:55:16 EEST

This is a pretty difficult area, as there are a whole host of different
things that make up overall army quality, including commander ability,
troop quality, equipment, a good spread of units, morale.

>NATION Army Quality
>Loskalm 2
>Esrolia 1

        I think Esrolai is worth a bit more than this when defending. At
least 2.

>Lunar Empire 4
        For troop quality, probably Imperial Bodyguard and LCM 4, Heartland
Corps and Cavalry Corps 3, Native Furthest 2. Which, together with their

generally superiour strategic commanders, still makes them a 4 compared to
any other army of comparable size.

>Kralorela 2

        Though with elite units equal to anybody elses. Possibly a 3 for
their navy?

>Vormain 4
        I don't know enough about Vormain to judge, but less than that for

a naval encounter, which being as naval encounters are all that you will
encounter when opposing anybody else, is probably what matters.

>Horali 5
>Iron Dwarfs 5
>Kingdom of War 6

        I'm not sure if I agree with the KOW as being more effective
directly than either of these two. I would probably give them 5, but they
have larger numbers and far more aggressive strategy than either of the
other two (at least as observed - there may well be armies of Horali or
Iron Dwarfs hidden on Old Brithos or underground, plotting to conquer
Glorantha). Also, the KOW has staying power - they may well be able to
recover from a substantial defeat fairly quickly, which I don't think is
true of either of the others.




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