From: DAVISON Nick (
Date: Fri 10 May 1996 - 17:03:07 EEST

Mermen do have major problems attacking ships. For starters they cannot
board ships while the ship is afloat. The sides of larger ships also
provide cover against missile weapons and to some extent spells. One
advantage they have is that should the fight go against them they can
dive underwater and swim off!

Although Mermen may herd some creatures such as sharks. The TOTRM Sea
Special suggests that they summon larger allies (in that case Sea
Serpents) to counter major threats.

I wonder about the value of metals manufactured on land to a Merman.
Surely these would rust. Unlike Sea Metal they could not be used on a
regular basis underwater. Perhaps they would be used ceremoniously,
collected for their novelty value or used to demonstrate social status.


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